Senior Graphic Designer

Edward Sotelo

As a full-time designer at USC, I work on development projects during my free time. Professionally, I've been working as a designer since 2012, initially in the travel industry at Montrose Travel and now as a Senior Graphic Designer at USC.

In my spare time, I enjoy designing websites and apps, handling both design and development tasks, including SEO. I typically use Kirby for Content Management, Fathom for SEO, NOVA for writing code, Sketch for website design, and Adobe or Affinity for everything else.

Apart from work, I relax by playing video games, watching classic movies, and taking photographs, whether it's in Los Angeles or elsewhere.

My freelance work has allowed me to collaborate with APWireless, Mariachi Arcoiris, and various individuals and businesses across Los Angeles.

For those interested, you can find me on social media where I connect with locals, fellow designers, and developers, sharing insights and experiences from Los Angeles and beyond.

Current and Past Roles

  1. USC , 2021 — Present
  2. Corporate Travel Management , 2018 — 2020
  3. Montrose Travel , 2012 — 2018


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